This is one of the first photographs that I ever took and remains one of my favourites.The subject of the image is Stanley Green (also known as ‘Protein Man’). Stanley patrolled Oxford Street for 25 years, bearing the placard shown below. I took the photograph in London back in 1988 at the age of 16, whilst on my way to photograph a football match at Fulham. I jumped off the bus at Oxford Circus and rattled off a few shots on my borrowed Pentax film camera. Luckily I managed to find 12p to buy a booklet, which explains his philosophy on the evils of eating protein, including some strong advice for people’s weddings and faithfulness in marriage. After Stanley’s death in 1993, his pamphlets and placard were given to the Museum of London. I am pleased to say that I still have my original copy of his manifesto, pictured below. One of London’s most fondly remembered eccentrics!


Stanley Green oxford circus

eight passion proteins