I’ve been photographing my son Donovan for five years now and not once has he ever shown even the slightest interest in photography… until now. Well yesterday afternoon to be exact, we were just sitting around in the kitchen and as I tested out a new prime lens on my Nikon (D3), Donovan asked to have a go. To my delight within about 60 seconds he’d already found the correct way to hold the camera (not that easy considering the… Read more »

Shepherd Market Mayfair

Having photographed dozens of weddings in and around Westminster over the years, I’ve discovered some of it’s many hidden treasures and was pleased to be asked to photograph the unique area of Shepherd Market, one of my favourite places in London’s Mayfair. As an ongoing project depicting the streets and individual businesses of the area, the photographs are intended to be used as part of a future exhibition. In the meantime this image, taken on an early morning shoot late… Read more »

It’s always great to have work published, so having recent features in Cosmopolitan Bride, Your London Wedding Magazine and now another five pages in the current issue of Perfect Wedding Magazine has been really satisfying, for me as a photographer, as well as exciting for my clients. This issue stars Christina and Gareth who got married in a beautiful little country church in Stapleford Abbotts, Essex. They went on to have their marquee reception in Christina’s family home nearby.  … Read more »

Stanley Green oxford circus

This is one of the first photographs that I ever took and remains one of my favourites.The subject of the image is Stanley Green (also known as ‘Protein Man’). Stanley patrolled Oxford Street for 25 years, bearing the placard shown below. I took the photograph in London back in 1988 at the age of 16, whilst on my way to photograph a football match at Fulham. I jumped off the bus at Oxford Circus and rattled off a few shots… Read more »

As a wedding photographer, London is always a regular fixture for work throughout the year. However I also cover a great many weddings outside of London, traveling to amazing venues all over the South East and UK, such as this wedding shot at Preston Court in Kent last year. As graphic artists, Laura and Kevin’s creative flair in the planning, made their vintage fairground style event a joy for me to photograph. They absolutely loved the images and much to… Read more »

I’ve been looking forward to getting Donovan to try without the stabilisers for some time, but as with most things involving four year olds I thought it best not to push him into it (no pun intended). Luckily we recently bumped into his friend on the way home from school, who had not only removed his stabilisers, but had even mastered a few impressive stunts! (standing on the saddle and riding one handed among them…) Donovan ran home and demanded we… Read more »

Men In Waiting is a collection of 47 images taken over the past five years, each showing the moment of anticipation expressed by the groom just as the bride is about to arrive.  

black couple, regents park

I thought I’d start by thanking everyone who recently left independent reviews about my work on Google. The effort that you put into writing them is hugely appreciated and I was really blown away by the amazing feedback that everyone left! Some of the reviews below:   Laura Purdy – 28 Apr 2011   We were so happy with Tom’s photo’ s – they really added to our fond memories of the day. We were recommended Tom by a friend… Read more »